The development of digital technology has brought the real world community into a virtual world community. This technology must be utilized so that it can contribute to the advancement of human civilization in Indonesia, which is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. For this reason, Jurnal Algoritma as a publication media becomes a bridge for educational institutions, society, and government in developing useful basic and applied science.

Jurnal Algoritma is published twice a year in March and September. Currently, the Jurnal Algoritma has been indexed by Google Scholar, IPI, Garuda, DOAJ, One Search, Semantic Scholar, Microsoft Academic, and has been Accredited by SINTA Rank 4 through the Decree of the Director-General of Intellectual Property Management of the Ministry of Research and Technology / Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency Republic of Indonesia Number: 200/M/KPT/2020.

Scope of Journal

Jurnal Algoritma is a publication media for research results in the field of Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), Software Engineering (RPL), Multimedia (MM), and Computer Science (Computer Science).